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Heavenly Chats
with Izzy and Nana

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Nancy Elizabeth Gainor is a retired language arts teacher. Her poetry has been circulated in Lenten books and church publications. Poems of faith, comfort, and reassurance have been written to those seeking God’s abundant love, with Scripture at the core of each one. Nancy aspires to “be a light and bring out the God-colors in the world” (Matthew 5:16). Nancy and her husband, John, have three married sons and nine grandchildren  who are the joy of their life.


Eyewitness to a Savior

Sharing Stories of

Jesus of with Children

Heavenly Chats with

Izzy and Nana

My Books

What a sensitive and inviting read. The author's gentle words and detailed descriptions invite the reader to think, feel, see and sense the presence of Christ. And not in a superficial way where glossing over people's deeply held beliefs is misrepresented as unconditional love. Instead Gainor has chosen such delicious words to highlight "all the God colors" that serve to either firm up those beliefs or spur inner tensions just as Christ does (see Gainor's chapter "Reaction"). I believe that Christians, lovers of language, and seekers alike will gain new insights, wisdom and visual images from this sensory-infused read from Nancy Gainor. I look forward to more.



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