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Dusk is approaching, and a

chill filters through

the worn, linen wrap

of a lonely shepherd who

is guiding his flock along

the ridge of a ragged hill.

Tufts of grass amidst the

parched, pressed dirt

regale the brigade and

allow a moment of rest

for its weary inhabitants.

As the shepherd surveys the

horizon, he is struck by the

seemingly endless hills that

appear to unravel into the

distance as far as he can see.

This is the only life he has

ever known, for this skill

was passed down from

generation to generation.

Uneducated but highly skilled,

he vows to protect his sheep

and tends to their needs.

Haggard and aged, the lonely

shepherd has endured years of

monotony, fluctuating weather,

the danger of animal attacks,

as well as exhaustion from

trekking boundless trails.

Nothing extraordinary has

ever occurred during the

countless years on his watch.

As the sun descends and

the moon rises, it looks as if

the countless stars will

once again offer him

companionship throughout

the dark hours of the night.

This evening, one star

in particular illuminates

the sky in a brilliant blaze

and appears to target

its radiance to a specific

location nearby.

Suddenly, in the stillness,

thousands of figures

appear, silhouetted by

the moonlight and

translucent in nature.

The songs descending

from the heavens compel

the astonished witness to

his knees in reverent prayer

for this remarkable display

of God's great and powerful

glory. As he does so, one of

the angels addresses him and

says, "Do not be afraid, I

bring you good news of

great joy, for today, in the

town of David, a Savior

has been born to you; He

is Christ the Lord."

God's message declaring

the birth of Jesus did not

extend to royalty or political

figureheads; instead,

it was designed specifically

to be received by an ordinary

shepherd on a hillside.

How amazing!

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