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Eyes directed to the heavenly stars

with hearts drawn to the Almighty,

the three astronomers sense a calling.

Having read the biblical prophecies,

studied celestial patterns, and engaged

in fervent prayer, a decision transpires.

Preparations are made to begin a

quest to locate the Messiah, sent by God,

who will save His people. Provisions are

packed and placed upon the strong

backs of dromedaries that will

transport these travelers to their

destination. The compass? A star rising

up from the east determining the way.

Thus, they proceed into the unknown,

trusting a light sent by the great I AM.

Heads hung low, clutching the course hair

of the bellowing camels, they venture

across a rough coastline, dipping into

marshy valleys, climbing rugged ridges,

and zigzagging across arid deserts.

They navigate for months until an encounter

with King Herod exposes their mission.

Alas, the shifting luminosity rests upon

a tiny babe and His parents. Offering gifts

of gold (kingship), frankincense (deity),

and myrrh (suffering), the three wise men drop

to their knees in reverence to their Savior,

God's precious Son, Jesus. Come, let us too

worship our redeemer, priest, and king, our

very own Messiah in all His glory. Alleluia!

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