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Encapsulated moment

Huddled together for warmth,

Mary and Joseph delight

in the moonlit glow.

The sheltered stable's

inky darkness is pierced

by a sterling star's radiant

beam that caresses the

sleeping newborn, Jesus.

The crunch of frayed straw

settles beneath the parents'

feet, and the lulling murmur

of animals resonates in this

unlikely delivery room.

Exhausted and exhilarated,

Mary's wet locks trickle

droplets down her flushed

cheeks. The intense pain

that seared her body is now

a distant memory, lost in

the vision of her beautiful

baby grasping her finger

with his minuscule hand.

Diverting her gaze to

Joseph, she lovingly recalls

his reaction to the birth

process. Throughout the

ordeal, Joseph's tender

concern was endearing.

Smiling, Mary remembers

his frantic albeit quick-

witted negotiations with

the begrudging innkeeper.

During these moments of

uncertainty, God's

provision and promise

offered Mary serenity.

Crouched by her side,

for her sake Joseph

had masked his fear and

uttered words of reassurance

as well as prayer.

God provided a devout

husband committed to

protect and support Mary

in her time of need.

As her lips brush

the silky hair of her precious

babe, Mary marvels at the

privilege of being the

mother of God's holy Son.

Although an uncertain

future beckons, time

stands still during this

encapsulated moment.

This enthralling glimpse

showcases a family

entwined in love and faith,

captivated by each other, and

blessed b their heavenly Father.

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