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The Taxing Journey

Joseph's eyes fixate

on his expectant fiancée.

Approvingly, he beholds

his radiant love whose

sun-kissed cheeks,

sparkling brown eyes,

and soft smile reveal

her inner bliss as the

mother of God's Son.

Basking in contentment,

Joseph's mind momentarily

escapes the disdain and

criticism of his peers due

to their perceived "immoral

behavior." His focus now

is on the welfare of his

future wife and baby.

The impending trip to

Bethlehem to register

for the Roman census and the

subsequent taxes haunts him.

Mary's delicate condition

is threatened by this

dangerous expedition.

Prayerfully, Joseph entrusts

his family's fate to his

protective, heavenly Father.

Stoically, he leads a donkey,

with Mary astride, as they

embark upon a journey of faith.

Fulfilling God's purposes for

our lives is not always easy;

however, we can always trust

His sovereign presence

and abiding love.

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