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The Chosen One

Gripping the course

edge of the basin,

Mary gingerly lifts

the swirling water

from the abundant well.

Turning to leave, an

extraordinary vision

awaits, causing the

precious cargo to slip

from her trembling hands.

Etched in light, the angel's

lucid eyes, wisp of

golden hair, and flowing

opal robe transcend

an air of purity, holiness,

kindness, and peace.

Gabriel, the messenger,

has arrived to address

Mary, the chosen one.

This modest girl, surging

with humility, goodness,

love, and abundant faith,

has been selected to be

the mother of Jesus Christ.

Lacking a formative education,

royal lineage, or even a

husband, the virgin seems

an unlikely candidate for

this daunting position.

Yet, God appreciates her

righteous qualifications.

The miraculous conception will

alter the life of this young girl.

At this significant moment,

Mary does not concentrate

on the fear of rejection or

condemnation; instead

she voices praiseworthy

songs that reflect her

respectful stance for

this esteemed position.

Mary's courage and

praise in the face of

adversity illustrate how

we should approach the

challenges God plants

within our faith garden.

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