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Kindred Spirits

Two cousins embrace

within an arched doorway

reunited after years

of separation and blissful

to see one another.

The cords that bind

these women together

are not just genealogically

fastened, for they share an

incredible connection:

both are with child. Moreover,

there is nothing ordinary about

their circumstances, for God's

masterful plan has woven

these miracle births together.

Mary, young and virginal,

has conceived a child through

the Holy Spirit, and Elizabeth,

aged and barren, is expecting

a child as well. Additionally,

both birth announcements

were angelically foretold.

As they clutch one another,

Elizabeth's baby stirs in her womb.

Instantly, it is revealed to her

that Mary is carrying the Messiah.

With tear-filled eyes, she celebrates

the ecstatic revelation with the

one she loves. Thus, the burden

of secrecy Mary bears is lifted

as God provides friendship and

support for the ostracized

heroines who desperately

need one another. Mary

and Elizabeth, kindred

spirits who are forever

bound by the love of God.

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