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Exciting News!!

Heavenly Chats with Izzy and Nana, A Day in the Park has been released. This is a “must have” book for every family. The COVID pandemic has generated discussions with children surrounding their feelings over the loss of friends and family members.

This story portrays a joyful nature adventure that coincides with difficult questions which arise during these circumstances. Interactive dialogue and imagination are encouraged. Scripture references underline authenticity to the content. The captivating illustrations and bold colors created by Susan McCarter King will bring smiles. Some of the questions addressed are:

· What will my body look like?

· How do we get to heaven?

· Will there be animals there?

· Will family members recognize me?

· Will there be food?

We encourage adults and children to read this book. Links to online stores and Westbow Press are on Nancy’s website

You can contact Nancy through her website and request a personalized bookplate for your purchase. For those facing financial hardship, we encourage the purchase of the eBook for $6.99. Thank you for your support. You will LOVE this story.

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