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Cross Conversation with Kids

Good Friday is one of the hardest explanations to discuss with a child. This story from Sharing Stories of Jesus with Children condenses the scripture and inserts a message of hope. The illustration is how my grandson Hudson interpreted it. Encourage young children to draw their feelings and ask questions. This is not the end. Easter is coming!!!!


Carrying a heavy cross

the Lord climbs up the hill.

Calvary it is called

the punishment to fill.

Jesus has been tried

guilty on all counts.

No crime he’s committed

Pharisees want him out.

A crown of thorns he wears

beaten and called names.

Nails in hands and feet

on a cross he hangs in shame.

Offering to save

the sinner next to him.

Christ always thinks of others

forgives them of their sin.

“Why have you forsaken me?”

he cries out in pain.

God turns his head in sorrow

access to heaven we gain.

Finished, the last breath he takes

earthquakes begin to roar.

Dead bodies rise, lightning strikes

shakes God’s anger to the core.

Separated from our God

Holy of Holies torn open.

Now we come unto the Lord

what’s in our hearts is spoken.

Jesus is our Savior

he died for you and me.

His sacrifice for our sins

brings life eternally.

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