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A Preview from Heavenly Chats with Izzy and Nana

A Place for Us

Nana and Izzy spot their favorite place in the park, an immense playground complete with green slides, rock climbing wall, and a lookout tower. Nana climbs up the narrow, wooden steps to the crow’s nest with Izzy close behind and here they can view the entire park. In the little space they giggle and point to the wonders they see far and wide.

“You know Izzy this reminds me of the fact that heaven is a real place. Jesus told his friends that they should not be sad that he was leaving. He was going to heaven to prepare a place especially for them and he would be back to get them. He also said his father’s mansion had many rooms for us.”

What do you like best about your room at home?

Your child’s answer: __________________________________________________________

“I love all my stuffed animals. At night I spread them all around me and cover them with my pink quilt. It is so cozy, and they help me to sleep,” explains Izzy.

“Trusting Jesus who loves me so much helps me sleep at night,” Nana continues, “but I have to admit if I had an animal like your Curious George monkey that would help me too.”

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