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My Refuge

Placid waters

Pelicans plunging

Snowy egret soaring

Soft chirps, hearty honks

Wildlife rustling

Fish Leap, ripples emerge

Stillness; a whisper of a breeze

Palms dance

Circling current

Swish of an oar

Fluttering of a baby seagull’s wing

Sudsy backwash from a boat’s engine

Worldly white noise eliminated

Sunshine’s heat bakes the earth

This is God’s world, His creation

Mine to enjoy

Here I seek His face, His strength,

His wisdom, His forgiveness, His love

My troubles cascade His holy feet

My circumstances used for His good

He is my refuge, my deliverer, my joy

My sole purpose?

To serve him wholeheartedly and joyfully all the days of my life.

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