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Inhale the word of God

Exhale hope, peace, comfort

Like ripples trickling in a flowing stream

cares and anxiety meander away

Fear tries to battle for my heart

but the love of God breaks its victory

Coronavirus, whose minute composition

wreaks havoc on our lungs and world,

pales in power to my almighty God

Emmanuel promises constant abidance

prompting me to surrender to His will

and discover serenity beyond comprehension

Separated, yet unified precious,

intertwined relationships conquer

the loneliness of a quarantine

Constant prayers unravel for those

cherished ones suffering economic

and emotional hardship

Love binds us together

Faith provides an unyielding shield as

we hover within the walls of Christ’s refuge

We shall overcome this horrific trial

together in our tapestry of strength

Deeply breathe in God’s love for you

For it is well with my soul

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