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Book Launch Celebration

August 27, 2014 is an evening I will never forget. The launch of Eyewitness to a Savior was celebrated and more than 120 people attended the event. Pastel balloons created  a festive feel as guests nibbled on pastries and fruit. Beautiful hand bells were played, an excerpt from the book was read and signings took place during this monumental evening. The pictures from the book were displayed with descriptions depicting the meaning behind each photograph. A highlight for me was the unexpected arrival of my daughter-in-law, Laura and grandchildren, Clara and Garrett carrying flowers for their Nana. Many people supported the event from the church community, Bible studies, Dairy Queen organization, friends, and even a former student. Raffle tickets revealed winners of DQ gift cards and a signed hardcover book. The cake was an identical replication of the book cover created by DQ. I loved signing books and hearing the stories of those who would read them. God tremendously blessed me with support and love and I pray those who read this book will draw close to the Author Himself, the Lord Almighty.

Book Launch TODAY

CoverToday is the day!!!! This is the beginning of a new ministry, an opportunity to reach people worldwide with a unique approach to scripture. Today I dedicate this book to the Lord and I know He will place it in the hands of those who need it most.

Book Launch Party – Normandale Hylands United Methodist Church

Holding God’s Gift in my Hands

porch-bookAs I hold this book in my hand I can scarcely believe I have arrived at this moment. Years of prayer, preparation, creativity, and inspiration have come together in this wonderful package. Along the way, God has provided the words to write, the concept of this book and the timing for its release. I believe He lead me to the right publisher (Crossbooks) who patiently handled my volumes of questions and uncertainty with echoes of reassurance and sound advice. Now as I examine this beautiful book filled with the love for my Savior and my family tucked inside, I am speechless in appreciation. Although the next phase may be uncertain, I know God will tug at my hand and together we will walk in a ministry beyond my expectations.

Navigating Through Social Media

Hand holding a Social Media 3d SphereMarketing a book is exciting and challenging at the same time. Thanks to my talented daughter in law, Mary Gainor, you are able to view this magnificent website. I am learning words like domain, host, and tweet. Twitter has been really interesting. I am able to follow authors and Christian leaders I greatly admire. I am amazed at the number of people I know who use this communication especially those in my age bracket. I am blessed by my family who patiently explain the aspects and benefits of social media. I hope to improve upon this marketing technique as I enjoy this personal connection with you. God bless you.

Beginning the Journey

CoverAs you read this post, I am hoping you sense the elation and praise reverberating as I gaze upon the catalog detailing my very first book, Eyewitness to a Savior.
All glory and honor goes to my glorious Lord who inspired the message and provided the encouragement and means to arrive at this momentous moment.
Five years in the making, it was God’s prodding and direction that made this ministry possible.
I can hardly believe my eyes as I gaze upon the finished product. My prayer is for Christ to use this book as a means to enhance your personal relationship with Him. Bless you.

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