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Vantage Point

Bright lights flicker through the

inky blackness of the night.

Our omnipotent God sees all

behind the locked doors. He

observes a tear stained cheek,

boisterous laughter, a tired sigh

that concrete and mortar can’t

hide the depths of the soul from

the great I AM. As prayers rise up,

love pours down. For each child

of God is precious, important,

beautiful in the eyes of the

Father, He loves us so much that

He sent his perfect son, Jesus, to

die for our sins and offer us

salvation. Mercy and grace flow

from the heavenly realms as

gifts waiting to be savored and

praised. From His vantage point,

God admires the vivid topography

as well as the intricate details of each

aspect of His masterpiece. His domain

expands past our wildest imagination.

His power and authority imply aloofness;

but the genuine love He extends to

each one of us is personal. Who better

to trust and relinquish your life to

than the giver of life Himself and the

guardian of your soul? Our Lord’s

true vantage point rests within your heart.

My Refuge

Placid waters
Pelicans plunging
Snowy egret soaring
Soft chirps, hearty honks
Wildlife rustling
Fish Leap, ripples emerge
Stillness; a whisper of a breeze
Palms dance
Circling current
Swish of an oar
Fluttering of a baby seagull’s wing
Sudsy backwash from a boat’s engine
Worldly white noise eliminated
Sunshine’s heat bakes the earth
This is God’s world, His creation
Mine to enjoy
Here I seek His face, His strength,
His wisdom, His forgiveness, His love
My troubles cascade His holy feet
My circumstances used for His good
He is my refuge, my deliverer, my joy
My sole purpose?
To serve him wholeheartedly and joyfully all the days of my life.

The Gift of God

christmas-giftChristmas is just around the corner and Eyewitness to a Savior is the perfect stocking stuffer for people of all ages. The inspirational stories will delight the reader and affirm Christ’s amazing love.  It is always exiting to receive a personal inscription from the author.  If you order the book from any venue, send me an email with the name of the person receiving it and I will send you a signed inscription label as well as a bookmark.  This will give the gift a personal touch. To purchase a copy, click on one of the links for Cross Publishers, Barnes and Noble and Amazon here. This Christmas you have an opportunity to give more than a present when you share the message of hope, peace, and Christ’s sacrificial love that will undoubtably change a life.  God bless you.

God’s Healing

john-williamsThe day after my book launch on August 28 my dad, John Williams, passed away. Earlier that week he was so excited about the book and wanted to hear about every detail of the launch.  At the launch party, I asked a friend to select a poem from Eyewitness to a Savior and she chose Crossing Over which celebrated the resurrection.  As I traveled on the plane to North Carolina that poem and the scripture embedded in it offered me such comfort. During the past six weeks we celebrated dad’s life,  supported mom through this difficult transition and took care of my father-in-law, John Gainor, who was gravely ill. Through it all, the Lord provided a reserve of strength, comfort, and reassurance that I needed so desperately. What should have been my darkest days were filled with hope, gratitude and peace. Every day I offer Him praise for the miraculous healing of John Sr. as well as dad who is no longer suffering and confined to a wheelchair but singing God’s praises in that beautiful baritone voice. I know I can face anything with my abiding Lord at my side.

Book Launch Celebration

August 27, 2014 is an evening I will never forget. The launch of Eyewitness to a Savior was celebrated and more than 120 people attended the event. Pastel balloons created  a festive feel as guests nibbled on pastries and fruit. Beautiful hand bells were played, an excerpt from the book was read and signings took place during this monumental evening. The pictures from the book were displayed with descriptions depicting the meaning behind each photograph. A highlight for me was the unexpected arrival of my daughter-in-law, Laura and grandchildren, Clara and Garrett carrying flowers for their Nana. Many people supported the event from the church community, Bible studies, Dairy Queen organization, friends, and even a former student. Raffle tickets revealed winners of DQ gift cards and a signed hardcover book. The cake was an identical replication of the book cover created by DQ. I loved signing books and hearing the stories of those who would read them. God tremendously blessed me with support and love and I pray those who read this book will draw close to the Author Himself, the Lord Almighty.

Book Launch TODAY

CoverToday is the day!!!! This is the beginning of a new ministry, an opportunity to reach people worldwide with a unique approach to scripture. Today I dedicate this book to the Lord and I know He will place it in the hands of those who need it most.

Book Launch Party – Normandale Hylands United Methodist Church

1 Day Until Book Launch

countdown2One day until the launch of Eyewitness to a Savior (August 27, 2014: Book Launch Party – Normandale Hylands United Methodist Church).



Why the book is important

  • I believe the words come directly from God. It is His message.
  • The emotions displayed will attract the reader to Jesus
  • The applicable lessons will give pause for thought and perhaps change
  • It brings the scriptures to life
  • It helps us get to know Jesus better
  • It is non-threatening and promotes the unconditional love, mercy and grace of God
  • It is easy to read and can even serve as a devotional
  • It acts as a catalyst for readers to want to explore the Bible
  • The words can change a person’s perception of who Jesus is and how much He loves us
  • It draws meaning into the purpose of Jesus’ early existence and sacrifice

2 Days Until Book Launch – Pour it Out

countdown3Two days until the launch of Eyewitness to a Savior (August 27, 2014: Book Launch Party – Normandale Hylands United Methodist Church).

Pour it out
This is the hard part for me. God is asking me to claim my faith publically. I have always kept it close and now I must verbally state my faith repeatedly to promote this book. I know He will empower me with the right words to say and give me the strength, humility and opportunity to share. He will provide parameters for promotion and rein me back when it becomes self-serving. He will fill me with the Holy Spirit and provide opportunities for discussion. This will be my greatest learning curve and I am hoping this experience will change my life as well as those who read Eyewitness to a Savior.

3 Days Until Book Launch – Put it Down

countdown4Three days until the launch of Eyewitness to a Savior (August 27, 2014: Book Launch Party – Normandale Hylands United Methodist Church).

Put it down
This venture is clearly a ministry and not a profit making idea. This book is a way of reaching out to others enabling them to experience God’s word in a different format. I don’t know what will happen with this book. Will it sit on the shelves getting dusty? Will no one buy it? Will the words never be read? It doesn’t matter, for I know God has a purpose and a plan for this book. It might be that this is all about me learning how to be bold in my faith. If that is the lesson so be it. I pray this legacy at the very least is an inspiration for my family and future generations of my family to know how much I love the Lord and am willing to profess that faith publicly.

4 Days Until Book Launch – Present It

countdown5.pngFour days until the launch of Eyewitness to a Savior (August 27, 2014: Book Launch Party – Normandale Hylands United Methodist Church).

Present it
I have always credited God with this book and as I go forward and accolades are made I want to continue to emphasize that I am merely the typist who obeyed her Lord. I have worked hard to make Him proud with this book and I am thankful that it passed the theological review as authenticity is the most important aspect to me. I want God’s word to be true and held in high esteem.

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